Emotional Issues

Emotional Issues Evolve Hypnotherapy

Do you suffer from anxiety which is limiting you from living life to the full?

Are your panic attacks becoming more disabling?

Are you riddled with guilt and shame inside and just wish you could escape from it mentally?

 Are you suffering a feeling of anguish and despair after the loss of a loved one?

Is post traumatic stress disorder tormenting your thoughts and destroying your right to peace and happiness?

Are you just feeling tearful for no apparent reason?

Are you pushing away those who love you, but don’t understand the reasons why you are doing it?

Have you been through a relationship break up or painful divorce, and just want to gain your confidence again?

Do you break out in skin conditions at times of stress, pressure or worry or for no apparent reason?

Do you never feel good enough and want to hide away?

Are you battling with depression and want to break free from that trap inside?

Have you been a victim of childhood sexual, emotional, neglect or physical abuse? Is the trauma still holding you back from living the happy and free life you deserve?

Emotional Issues Evolve Hypnotherapy
Emotional Issues Evolve Hypnotherapy

Are you a victim of domestic violence, and feel ready to break the cycle?

Is your anger becoming out of control?

Ever wondered how life just isn’t working out for you, and want to know what’s holding you back?

You want to achieve your goals but you just can’t get there for some unknown reason?

If you have answered “yes” to any of the above questions, creative analytical hypnotherapy and psychotherapy can help you.

At Evolve Hypnotherapy, Lorraine provides a caring and compassionate approach to emotional issues.

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